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Dan Wesson Firearms

Dan Wesson Firearms


Each Dan Wesson Firearms revolver bears the name of Daniel B. Wesson, who founded Wesson Firearms Co., Inc. in 1968. The great-grandson of D. B. Wesson, co-founder of Smith & Wesson, had a goal to build the finest revolvers that the shooting world had ever seen. He accomplished this by creating guns that were innovative, virtually indestructible and capable of match-grade accuracy right out of the box.

Dan Wesson was a perfectionist, preferring to build a few truly great guns, rather than many merely good ones. In an era of mega-corporations and bottom-line management, he would never allow quality to be sacrificed for the sake of quantity. And it didn’t stop there. His philosophy was “You can never be fully satisfied. You can always make something better.” This kept him on a course of constant improvement, while providing his customers with the very best revolvers that money could buy.

Elgin Gates, the father of modern handgun silhouette shooting, said of Dan Wesson,

“He was one of the great men of the firearms industry and of his time; one of those individuals who made things happen, who kept the handgun world honest because he built the best guns that brains and material could turn out. Because of that, the others dared not do less.”

The Company continued to develop its product line from the introduction of the model 12, .357 magnum in 1969, to the Large frame 44 magnum series in 1977, to the massive SuperMag frame series in 1982. In 1996, the Company was acquired by Robert Serva and in 1998 moved to Norwich, N.Y., to re-establish the revolver line. From 1998 to 2000 very few revolvers were produced. Efforts were made to retool the revolver line with new equipment and fixturing to produce production revolvers at the highest quality possible using modern manufacturing techniques.


Since the Millennium

In 2000, a small production run began starting with the Large frame and SuperMag series of revolvers. Yes, this did take several years of very hard work and dedication by the personnel of the company, bringing in new equipment, producing new tooling, fixturing, programs and processes. To achieve the standards of the core Dan Wesson Company these steps had to be taken and personal sacrifices made.

The Company also started working on the development of a 1911 style pistol. The objective for this product line was the same as the revolvers. Development of the 1911 pistol was directed to build the most accurate out of the box 1911 on the market and also incorporate features that the shooter in this frame of history desires. This goal was achieved and Dan Wesson Firearms now offers some of the highest quality 1911 pistols in the market incorporating high end parts from companies such as Ed Brown, EGW, CMC, Grieder Precision and many others. Dan Wesson continues to move forward in the 1911 pistols with new features as the commander size, the Ed Brown bobtail and the 10mm chambering to name a few.

A great opportunity came to Dan Wesson Firearms in the form of the world’s largest firearms producer, CZ. CZ had been looking at Dan Wesson Firearms for its revolvers, innovative thinking and implementation of new products within the marketplace. In early 2005, CZ-USA acquired Dan Wesson Firearms and is now managing it as a part of the CZ corporate group.

For the first time in the history of Dan Wesson Firearms, all the key business components to take the company forward, existed. With CZ, the corporate structure to develop the company properly, now firmly exists and it now has the brightest future outlook it has ever had. All major components, management, development, manufacturing, marketing and sales are now in place for Dan Wesson firearms to develop into a world class company. With the union with CZ, Dan Wesson Firearms is now positioned with the resources and personnel to make it a top manufacturer in the global firearms market. This history will continue to step forward with new and exciting products and innovation from the excellent people of CZ and Dan Wesson Firearms.