About the Company

Battista Rizzini of Brescia Italy founded the Rizzini Company in 1966. He has three children who are actively involved in the family-ran business. Since the company’s foundation, its products have acquired worldwide recognition and appreciation through the endless quest for the best quality of products and materials. This is achieved through continuous investment in the best technology integrated into traditional workmanship.

Rizzini produces sporting arms intended to match the most demanding needs of hunters and competition shooters. Our models range from over-under and side-by-side shotguns as well as over-under hunting rifles and even side-by-side dangerous game rifles.

Inside Rizzini you will find state of the art CNC machines, a wood department where the beautiful stocks are made, a product development department with innovative engineers and Mr. Rizzini’s very own think tank corner where you can find him working on the next Rizzini project. When you buy Rizzini you are investing in some of the best craftsmanship in the world. The “original” Rizzini brand is registered worldwide and certifies the highest quality. Rizzini is 100% made in Italy.

About Rizzini USA

Rizzini USA is owned and operated by Fierce Products in Gunnison, Utah. The CEO of Fierce Products is John Mogle. John has been in the firearms business for over 18 years and knows what it takes to deliver a product that not only meets the customer’s expectations but exceeds their expectations in both quality and customer service. Fierce Products and Rizzini USA will stand behind every sporting arm that they sell. They offer a three year unconditional mechanical parts warranty on all shotguns distributed by Fierce. There is no better time than now to get Rizzini.


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