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The history of the ZOLI family blends with the history of the Valtrompia region and its gunmaking tradition. Records show ZOLI ancestors building locks back in 1490 and complete firearms not long after that. Giovanni Zoli signed a flint lock pistol around 1850 and the gun is now treasured in the private family collection. Zoli Antonio s.r.l. as it is today was founded immediately after World War II by Antonio Zoli.

The founder, moved by that restless entrepreneurship typical of the Brescia region, started a business which would have made his own name and company brand famous throughout the world. The company started making hammer side by side shotguns (models AVI and Santa Barbara), Anson-type over and under shotguns (models Ariete, Empire and Silver Fox) and Holland & Holland-type side by side shotguns (the prestigious model Vulcano in its three versions – Standard, Record and Record ELM).

  • Kronos Kronos


    Zoli KRONOS Competition Shotgun It took our technical designers and engineers a long time, great passion and total dedication to design our Kronos O/U shotgun. They knew that nothing could be second class and left to chance in a gun meant for...
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  • Z-Extra Z-Extra


    Featuring the same trigger mechanism as the Z Sport, the Z-Extra grade offers almost full coverage deep scroll engraving with flower badges. The Z Gun logo inlaid in gold on both action sides stands out very nicely on the french gray finish...
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  • Z-Sport Z-Sport


    The workhorse of the Z Series is the Z Sport which offers all the technical feature and improvements of the new Z line. Clean, essential and simply decorated with chain border, Z Gun logo in gold relief on action sides and back and non-glare...
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