FFL Transfers


FFL Transfers



Clay Shooters Supply charges $75 for the first transfer, and $20 for subsequent transfers.


Please find our FFL attached below.


We can fax or email a copy of our FFL to other dealers to facilitate your incoming transfer.


Clay Shooters Supply will only accept transfers that are shipped from FFL dealers.  We do not accept transfers shipped from individuals.


Be sure to notify the dealer that is sending the firearm that your name and contact information needs to be included with the shipment.


We will contact you when the shipment has been received and logged into our system.


If your tracking number shows that a shipment has reached our store, that does not necessarily mean the firearm is ready for you to pick up. We receive large shipments daily, and transfers are processed in the order received. Transferred firearms are not available to be picked up until they are logged into our inventory, which can take up to 24 hours.


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