Sport Ear

There are two approaches to hunting. The first is to minimize the effectiveness of your prey — such as using camouflage or blinds to minimize the effectiveness of an animal’s eyesight or using cover or attracting scents to fool the nose. The other approach is to maximize your own effectiveness — improving your marksmanship, using quality optics to enhance your vision and wearing apparel that keeps you out regardless of the weather. Both approaches are vital to success, and regardless of technological advancements in hunting, the scales will always be tipped heavily in favor of the animal.

SportEAR is the most effective way to enhance your hearing in any hunting environment. SportEAR allows you to hear the subtle sounds of nearby game long before it is visible — rubs, snorts, rustling leaves, cow calls, grunts, bugles, and more. At the same time, SportEAR functions as the ultimate hearing protection against the damage caused by muzzle blast.
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