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GAMEBORE REGAL GAME 12ga 1oz 2.5" 1225fps #6 Diamond Shot - FIBRE WAD - FLAT (10 BOXES/25RDS)

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Gamebore’s 12G Regal cartridge is a true 2.5” (65mm) game cartridge incorporating cutting edge technology and delivering the excellent performance of its 2 3/4" cousins to give the game shooter the edge in the field. 12G Regal Game is for use in guns with 2.5" chambers.

Loaded in a new high quality red case with a nickel head for smooth, clean ejection and Diamond Shot in true English sizes for perfect patterns, the 12 bore Regal Game takes the traditional game cartridge to the next level.



12G Regal Game is loaded with Gamebore’s exclusive Diamond Shot. Made from pure British ingots and designed, developed and manufactured in-house at the UK’s only working lead shot tower, our Diamond Shot is 5x graded for consistency in size and spherical perfection. The world’s finest quality lead shot delivers outstanding patterns and ultimate performance. 



Synonymous with outstanding performance, the range of F2 powders provide smooth recoil in lightweight guns while delivering unrivalled downrange speed and performance for complete confidence to the game shooter whatever the quarry. Regal Game cartridges have a velocity of up to 1425 Feet Per Second (FPS). 


All cartridges should be stored at room temperature in a dry location. Adverse temperatures may affect performance. Do not expose to extreme temperatures.

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Reviews ()

  • 5

    Great shells! Used in a 1935 Midland Gun Co sxs with Damascus barrels. Performed really well and when I did my job, they did theirs..... dead pheasant at 40 yds through full choke. Will definitely buy again. Really glad to have a source of low pressure shells that are safe for use in my gun. BTW, the gun died have 2.75" chambers and is proofed for 1.25oz loads but low pressure 2.75 shells do not exist in the US as near a I can tell. These 1oz Gamebore shells do the job!

    Gamebore Regal 2.5" #6 12ga

    Posted by Peter Lindquist on 21st Nov 2023

  • 4

    I would very much like to see some 2.5" Game Shells in 16 gauge for the coming September bird season

    16 gauge 2.5"

    Posted by Jim Coster on 3rd Jul 2023

  • 5

    Thank you for making Gamebore 2 1/2 inch #6 shells available in the states. Looking forward to fall and the opportunity to use the best selling field load in England on prairie grouse in the west. Thank you.

    Regal Game #6

    Posted by Thomas Condon on 14th Apr 2023

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