Negrini Semi-Auto Shotgun Combo Case – 1603iA-2C/5170

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  • Negrini Semi-Auto Shotgun Combo Case – 1603iA-2C/5170
  • Negrini Semi-Auto Shotgun Combo Case – 1603iA-2C/5170

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Fits: Autoloader or Pump Shotgun
Rib: Flat
Color: Navy/Bordeaux Int.



Semi-Auto Shotgun Combo Case (Flat or Vented Barrels)

1603iA-2C/5170 is a two barrel autoloader shotgun combo case (1 Gun/2 Barrel). 1603iA-2C case is made of a durable injection molded polypropylene exterior. The double wall construction of the 1603iA-2C consists of an outer case welded to a thermoformed inner case, finished with plush velvet cushioning. 1603iA-2C’s double wall construction absorbs maximum shock without breaking while protecting the contents of the case. The interior is designed with separate compartments for the barrel and forend, stock and receiver, chokes and tools. The 1603iA-2C shotgun case fits autoloaders with two low rib barrels up to 36″. Finished with a Limited Lifetime Warranty.

Convertible for any type of shotgun Browning, Winchester, Guerini, Beretta, Benelli & Remington & more.

  • Convertible to fit all Autoloaders
  • Low Rib Barrels up to 36″
  • Great for Car/Club & Home
  • Combination locks for security
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty


About Negrini Hybrid Shotgun Cases Technology

Negrini hybrid gun cases technology ads strength, function and luxury to injection molded shotgun case.  Italian design with an ultra-strong thermoformed ABS interior. Negrini Hybrid Cases Technology are fully cushioned and upholstered with a plush velvet. Negrini developed these cases with the car, club and home sportsman in mind. Each shotgun cases is fitted with hardened steel combination locks and hinges. The locks are recessed with a low profile to prevent snagging while traveling. Each gun case interiors are designed with separate compartments for stock and receiver, barrel and forend as well as accessories. All Negrini gun case materials used are certified to not outgas or corrode firearms. Many colors available. Limited lifetime warranty.

  • Hardened steel combination Locks for security
  • 100% Made in Italy
  • Negrini Hybrid Case Technology

Gun Cases - 100 percent Made in Italy

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